Project Opportunities from Cause-Effect Case Analysis

An opportunity might arise as a result of analyzing the cause-effect of a specific case. For example, a company, for the last two years, is experiencing an exponential increase in the volume of their transactions, due to new business.

As a consequence, it’s having difficulties managing and, most of all, executing all business transactions, especially those ones that are date and time sensitive. This is because its present IT system is being gradually overloaded and is having an impact on performance.

For this case, a very high level presentation of the problem could be:

CASE: A general description of the case.

CAUSE: A decription of how business increase is overloading the present IT system.

EFFECT: A description of how overloading the present system is causing a decrease in performance and causing gradual saturation.

IMPLICATION: A description of the consequences. For example, the company will not be able to mange new or more incoming business due to the effect.

Analyzing the solution:

Analyzing the solution requires serious thinking on the effect and to start discussing what is needed to resolve it ... providing a few options.

Possible outcome after analyzing the problem might be:
(in order to keep up with increasing demands)
  • Upgrade the present IT system to handle the new volume capacity 
  • Migrate to a new IT system with different technology 
The next step is to start analyzing what is required to satisfy the needs. The needs are then translated into requirements and they will serve as the basis for the project plan. This will reduce the effort of determining how best to meet requirements. They may be written as a statement of work (SOW).