A Global PMO Work Model

Today’s globality can help bring many advantages to an organization and, thanks to the Internet, it’s easy to design, implement a work model for managing projects globally.
Many companies have activities all over the world and need to maintain a company wide standardisation and  an overall co-ordination through the process of monitoring, controlling and reporting all activities. This is important in order to maximize results (profits), minimize risks, optimize use of resources and make improvements in communication.

The above diagram is proposing an integrated global framework model that can provide on-going feedback for alignment and adjusting changes through a structured and distributed effort system.

The framework is simply governed by a on-going "process-improvement-process" management system and serves as the point of reference for all project/engagement management activities. It contains things such as how to set up a project/engagement, project approval processes, planning and estimation techniques, management methodology (structuring and managing projects throughout its life cycle, set of formal deliverables that should be produced, common terminology, etc.), risk management process, issues management process, etc. 

The process-improvement-process management system manages the whole framework in a continuous way, by elaborating feedbacks from the global team and producing output to continuously improve processes, communication and performance and, moreover, assuring alignment within the framework.

Cultural impact in an international context 

Although cultural differences should not constitute a problem there might be some differences in people's approach, but  this can be overcome by experience, understanding and flexibility.