Feedback helps better appreciate the work done and the journey of a learning process. The effort I've put in, to publish and share these posts, has been gratified by the people who let me know that they found this material interesting and useful. For this reason, I decided to share some of the feedback I've received via e-mail.

*From graduate student:
"Hello, I went through your website carefully and found it very useful. Thank you for providing useful information for free. I am a graduate student working on my thesis entitled "Using Statistical Process Control to Improve Earned Value Project Management". In this regard, as an expert, please kindly let me have your useful points of view including potential ideas and etc."
*From Technology and Business Development Director EMEA:
"Nice site, good content. Congratulation! 
if you do not mind I've used your picture on Beta distribution preparing for a conference presentation on Precedence PERT. This is PERT problem solved on Precedence Diagramming Method."
*From NYU (New York University) professor:
"I like your site. A student asked me about WBS vs OBS and I was doing some research on it and came across your site. Nicely done. I will certainly share your URL with him."
*Mentioned in Module 7 - ICT Project Management in Theory and Practice of "The Academy of ICT   Essentials for Government Leaders - APCICT" (Asian and Pacific Training  Centre for Information     and Communication Technology for Development).
Chapter 1.1 - Project Management and ICT for Development"
"I wanted to drop you a line and compliment your site. Nice layout, great info, great resources. I was looking around at a few related sites and I definitely thought your's was one of the best."
*Personal contact details have been left out for privacy reasons.